Moss Mountain provides a unique and elegant alternative to countryside weddings.  We are a private estate and a working farm with a collection of garden rooms, orchards, ponds, and an heirloom vegetable garden.  Because of the natural beauty of the farm and association with P. Allen Smith, each wedding at Moss Mountain promises to be a joyous and memorable experience.  Our team welcomes you.

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Planned or Planned

Moss Mountain partners with leading wedding planners to host and serve brides and grooms from across the country.  We are also able to work directly with couples to produce unique wedding experiences in the Moss Mountain style. 

The Moss Mountain team has produced beautiful events in the Moss Mountain Farm style.  We focus on programs within the Farm aesthetic and offer the following services and deliverables for weddings up to 150 attendees**:


  • Venue Consultation

  • Staffing

  • Food, and Infrastructure

  • Refreshments

  • Flowers and Tablescaping

  • Fireworks & sparklers*

  • Carriage Rides*

  • Entertainment*

  • Security*

  • EMT*

  • Shuttle Servicing*

*optional amenities

**Moss Mountain requires parties above 150 to retain the services of a professional wedding planner.  Please call for details.


Moss Mountain Wedding

Wedding Planner

Moss Mountain strongly advises using experienced, professional planners throughout the wedding design process.  We are happy to assist your wedding advisor with with a number of services, includding:


  • Venue Consultation

  • Staffing

  • Food, Entertainment and Infrastructure

  • Sourcing

  • Vendor Guidance



Your hardest decision: which space NOT to use

Moss Mountain is an expansive property that serves as a tranquil respite from the outside world.  The site has multiple staging grounds for ceremonies, Bridal photography, family portraits, receptions and entertainment.  We are able to comfortably host wedding parties up to 500 attendees. 


Please see the points below for a sampling of our resources and inquire further with our site coordinator for special requests.


  • Nine ceremony venue options

  • Multiple garden rooms for guest enjoyment

  • Independent Bride & Groom retreats, designed with custom furnishings

  • Climate-controlled Barn

  • Multiple entertainment zones for reception

  • Large Tent capabilities

  • Hardscaped, open air venue options

  • Parking accommodates 200+ vehicles

  • Gated property


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Moss Mountain’s 650+ acres provides a unique opportunity for wedding photographers to create images with stunning backdrops, both architectural and landscape. 


Photography is limited to brides wed on property as a special thank you for their patronage, making a Moss Mountain wedding portfolio rare. 


As an additional gesture to the brides wed on Moss Mountain, we are availing P. Allen Smith’s original Garden Home gardens in the historic district in Little Rock as a staging ground for engagement and bridal portraits.



Capital Hotel

Safe Travel

Moss Mountain partners with the Capital Hotel in downtown Little Rock to ensure that your out-of-town guests enjoy outstanding comfort and hospitality during their stay.










To connect immediately with the Capital Hotel, click here:

The Capital Hotel


Moss Mountain wants all guests to have a safe, enjoyable experience while on property and afterwards.  We are able to arrange transportation from Little Rock with a local, bonded shuttle, limousine and luxury vehicle service to ensure your guests are delivered comfortably and safely from one location to another.

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(For guest privacy, Moss Mountain is a gated property, onsites are by appointment)